Производство оцилиндрованнго бревна от 180 до 320 мм. Строительство домов из бревна и бруса. Гарантия 15 лет

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Dreaming of a log house?

Wooden House Construction

Full range of construction services. Lumber production and delivery, turnkey construction and finishing work.

House construction

Living in a log house is very classy, reliable and comfortable. After all, wood is a natural material with advantages making it stand out among modern building materials.


Turnkey finishing projects

Log house finishing services. For our many years operating in the industry, we have accumulated solid experience and expertise in this field. Our specialists execute interior finishing of log houses based on specific requirements.


Construction of bathhouses

Log bathhouses have become a modern and more perfect form of the good old log cabin that has been used as a bathhouse for many centuries. Modern projects incorporate all the introduced innovations.

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High quality

At present, our round log production process is almost completely automated. Processing is conducted on high-tech equipment.



Speed and guarantees

We offer our clients latest technological and design solutions of all levels of complexity. We deliver our projects strictly according to clearly stated deadlines.

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Finishing guarantees

At present, our round log production process is almost completely automated. Processing is conducted on high-tech equipment.


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Popular projects

Our specialists develop log houses, bathhouse and gazebo from logs and bars.

From where do you start the construction of a country house? Of course, from a project! We invite you to study our projects catalog that features standard out-of-the-box solutions. Each project can be modified and finalized in accordance with the customer’s wishes. We suggest you study our completed wooden log house and bathhouses projects in order to enable you determine the layout options that are suitable for you, taking into account your family’s characteristics and way of life. Further, if you wish to refine or change your chosen option, our specialists will gladly help you with this or develop a project that meets your individual wishes.

Project – House #88D

236.7 m2

from 3 186 000 rubles

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Project – Bathhouse #45B

32.4 m2

from 530 665 rubles

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Project – Gazebo #5BS

4 х 7 m

from 295 000 rubles

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Project – House #97D

282.3 m2

from 3 807 000 rubles

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Project – Bathhouse #61B

53.1 m2

from 623 000 rubles

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Project – House #100D

381 m2

from 5 000 000 rubles

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1st stage of construction

Assembling a log cabin is the first stage of constructing a log house. This process involves constructing the foundation, assembling the cabin from log or bar, roof installation, subflooring, installation of rafter system and battens, fire- and bio-protective impregnation of wooden parts, roofing works.

2nd stage of construction

This stage starts about 1 year after the log cabin has been assembled. It includes finishing work inside and outside the house. It also includes installation of utilities such as electrical installation work, heating, water supply and plumbing work. Polishing, warming (caulking or warm seam) and house painting are carried out. Windows and doors, window casing molding, window sills, slopes and ebbs are all installed. Finish floors and ceilings are arranged. Stairs and fences are installed.

Our production

Since we produce our own logs by ourselves, we are able to guarantee consistently high quality of the lumber. Our production site is in Kirov Oblast. We use the cold-hardy forest winter stock (pine, spruce, cedar and larch) for our construction projects. The diameter of our round logs is 180-320 mm.

Отделка деревянного дома под ключ от компании Изба из бревна
Construction of houses, bathhouses and small architectural forms from logs (180-320mm) and timber, construction of frame houses.
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All our houses are built based on the best technological standards. This is a quality and durability guarantee. We build log houses from round log and profiled timber. We also implement frame houses.

We offer any form of cooperation: we can deliver separate house sets (for subsequent assembly by your team), we provide all the necessary documentation, drawings and project design. We can also deliver finished log cabin along with assembly services. After the log cabin has shrunk, our specialists can visit the site to carry out turnkey finishing works.

Own production of round log

Cold-hardy north wood

Any form of cooperation

Finishing work on log houses

Leave the decoration of your log house in the hands of professionals!

In our company, finishing of log houses is performed by professionals with over 10 years of solid experience. These experts have their individual narrow area of specialization.

Finishing works

A full range of finishing works in log houses. Internal and external work. On a turn-key basis.

Electrical installation

Turnkey electrical work. Selection of materials, project development, wiring work.

Water supply

Installation of turnkey water supply and drainage systems (factoring in the specifics of log houses).

Heating systems

Installation estimates, project design, equipment installation, testing.

You can always order a custom design from us

Completed projects. Finishing.

Internal and external turnkey finishing works for houses and bathhouses